We have a range of products designed to meet your varied insulation requirements.
 Thermo wool EXCELLENT
  Wools remarkable ability to absorb “Volatile Organic Compounds” (VOCs) and handle moisture make it particularly suitable for dwellings that experience high seasonal fluctuations in both humidity and temperature, particularly in urban areas. THERMOWOOL Excellent is a blend of 85% virgin sheep’s wool and 15% VFS hollow conjugate polyester fibre. This product has been specifically developed to address the problems associated with “Sick Building Syndrome” namely the reduction of VOCs and symptoms among allergy sufferers.



 Thermo wool STANDARD
  Throughout Japan, from regions that experience the coldest of winter weather to those that experience intense summer heat,? THERMOWOOL Standard has earned a reputation amongst our customers for its ability to not only insulate, but also for its moisture handling capabilities. Insulating with THERMOWOOL Standard means a reduction in the use of airconditioners in summer and heaters in winter and the associated benefit of reduced household electricity costs. Our research and development has shown that THERMOWOOL Standard offers the best balance of thermal performance and moisture handling qualities amongst our product range.



 Thermo wool LITE

THERMOWOOL Lite was developed with regions that have a need for high thermal performance but a lower requirement for humidity and moisture control in mind. The combination of 45% virgin sheep’s wool and 55% VFS hollow conjugate polyester fibre give respectable moisture handling properties with a bias towards thermal performance, and make THERMOWOOL Lite ideal for temperate to cooler climates.



 Power Fleece 1.9
  IIn Japan, sound tranmission through the shared intertenancy walls of an apartment dwelling can be an issue for the residents.. The POWERFLEECE range offers not only outstanding performance as a thermal insulator for walls, but is also an effective sound baffle, providing additionally a cost effective means of reducing unwanted sound transfer between the walls of a dwelling or apartment building. The POWERFLEECE range comprises of 20% virgin sheep’s wool and 80% VFS hollow conjugate polyester fibre.



 Power Fleece 2.3
  Identical in blend to POWERFLEECE 1.9 , POWERFLEECE 2.3 is manufactured to a higher specification and accordingly achieves a higher performance rating thermally and acoustically. POWERFLEECE 2.3 is targeted at the user who requires substantially higher product efficiency.
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