THERMOWOOL is a new wool blend thermal insulation developed to meet thermal insulating requirements that cover a wide range of the world's climatic conditions.

Wool is renowned for its capacity to absorb and release atmospheric moisture while retaining its ability to insulate. When you choose to insulate with THERMOWOOL, in addition to thermal insulation, the product's wool component also functions as a dehumidifier 24/7, 365 days a year, for the life of the product.

The use of insulation provides not only comfort to the user but saves money in heating and/or cooling. Correctly installed, it can reduce heat loss or gain by up to 71%. As a consequence THERMOWOOL plays a significant role in protecting the environment as being not only a predominately natural product, but by reducing energy consumption.


THERMOWOOL has been designed to suit a wide range of commercial and domestic building applications from apartments, commercial offices, hospitals, schools and domestic houses. It is available in a range of splits and insulating standards (R values) to suit your varied construction needs.

・Superior Thermal Insulation
・Supplied In Easy To Use Roll Form
・Non Allergenic, Pleasant To Handle
・Low Fire Hazard Properties
・Moisture Handling Capabilities
・Odour Free


Because of the unique use of high quality wool, blended with self insulating hollow polyester, our THERMOWOOL product is a market leader with excellent performance and super easy, healthy installation.

・Cost Effective
・Quick And Easy To Install
・No special tools required
・No protective clothing required
・Suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications

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